Cleaning Rota 2018

Please work in pairs.  If you are unable to work as a pair please clean on a morning when the greenkeepers are working. The preferred day for cleaning is Friday, ready for the weekend games.  If your allocated week is inconvenient please arrange a swap with someone else.  Please take away rubbish and recycling with you; this helps to keep our subs down.

April 27th ___ Ronnie
May 4th   ___ Chrissie & David B
         11th ___ Alan B
         18th ___ Linda, Nick
         25th ___ Anthony
June 1st ___ Jackie, Prim
           8th ___ Mike & Julia
         15th ___ Roland, John R
         22nd ___ Mark, Suzanne
         29th ___ Mike D & Wendy
July 6th ___ Margaret, Ellen
        13th ___ Peter & Bridget
        20th ___ Sandra, Mary
        27th ___ Tony, Glynn
Aug  3rd ___ Mary, Paul
         10th ___ Richard, Ann
        17th ___ Mac, Robert
        24th ___ Liz & George
        31st ___ Prim, Robin W
Sept 7th ___ Chrissie & David B
         14th ___ Suzanne, Rex
         21st ___ Frazer & Pam
         28th ___ Ronnie & David A