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Hurst Bowls Club offers coaching to all its members new and established for a minimal charge per session which goes towards coaching equipment. The club coach is always happy to talk to anyone interested in getting some lessons or advice provided he is not bowling.

Coaching is good for beginners as well as established bowlers. Coaching is a good environment for beginners to learn the basics of the game and stop bad habits forming which can become difficult to rectify later.


Do I Need Coaching?

"I always play a bit heavy"
"I always play a bit narrow on that hand. I think it's the bowls I play with"
"I hate it when they bring the mat right up. I just go to pieces"
"I'll be alright after the first couple of weeks of outdoors. It normally takes me at about that time to adjust from indoors"
"And of course it rained, and I just can't play in the rain"

Do you recognise these comments?
Have you heard them and comments like them many times?
Have you ever found yourself saying any of them, either out loud or in your mind?
Ask yourself if you would like a little help to manage these situations. Then why not come to COACHING and see if we can help.

Contact Hurst Club Coach: Kulwant Channa
Tel: 0118 9664331 (Eve) or Mob: 07917195722 or email:

Coaching is every Tuesday at 6pm, weather permitting and traffic.

 You can download a pdf copy of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Edition