Personal Equipment


When you become a more serious and regular member, you will want to have a pair of specific bowling shoes. But for all beginners, and many others, all you need is a pair of smooth soled shoes so that you do not mark the green. Tennis shoes, for example, are ideal, as are many walking shoes.
If you are buying a new pair, choose white ones so that you don't need a separate pair for white days. As a real newcomer, this is the only must-have equipment item.
All white, clothing is required for tournaments finals, as well as for Saturday & Sunday afternoon while on Wednesday evening you will need grey. This helps preserve the old traditions of the game - though, of course, many of us wear shorts in summer. On all other occasions, any comfortable smart clothing will suffice. Because of the heat and glare, a hat or visor is definitely a necessity for most bowlers.

For beginners and visitors, the club always maintains a stock of bowls you may borrow. But as you play more regularly, you will want your own personal set that you can enjoy, maintain and roll predictably.
Each set of four has a unique logo or pattern on them so you can identify your own in any game. One set of bowls will last you ten or more years with just the basics of maintenance and proper storage in their carry case.


Special tape measures exist for bowling to resolve those close calls, as well as spray chalk to mark bowls that touched the jack. Keep these in your pocket, especially when you are playing Vice.